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Royal Basketball Summer Camp: Registration for 2024 is open
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Royal Basketball Summer Camp: Registration for 2024 is open

The 2024 Summer Camp will hold the same games and activities as the previous camp. There will be five sessions; Sessions 1 to 3 at Los Angeles Christian School (LACS) and Sessions 4 to 5 at De Toledo High School (DTHS).

At Royal Basketball, we believe in the transformative power of sports and our Summer Camp is designed to bring out the best in every young athlete. Nestled in the vibrant community of West Hills and West Los Angeles, our camp is a haven for kids aged 6 to 14, where skill-building meets summer fun.


If you want a unique youth basketball program in Los Angeles, enroll now at The Royal Basketball School Summer Camp.


An Excellent Form of Exercise

Playing basketball involves a lot of running back and forth on the court. Even players not holding the ball follow it to ensure they can receive passes and rebounds. This is why most basketball players enjoy a high level of fitness that leads to better overall health.

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Improved Agility

Aside from running long distances, basketball requires short, quick, but intense movements. Young players train for years to understand and respond to everything on the court and complete team plays.

To be able to play effectively and handle these challenges, children need to build their agility. Many things can happen before and after each play, and players must prepare themselves for any kind of situation.


Basketball Summer Camp dates


Venue: Los Angeles Christian School


Session 1: June 10-14 

Session 2: June 17-21

Session 3: June 24-28


Venue: de Toledo High School


Session 4: July 29-August 2

Session 5: August 5-8


Why Choose Royal Basketball Summer Camp?

Expert Coaching

Our experienced coaching staff is dedicated to nurturing the potential within each child.

Fun-Filled Activities

Our camp blends engaging basketball drills with exciting games and activities, ensuring your child has a blast while honing their athletic abilities.

Inclusive Environment

This camp is also about strengthening our basketball community.


Basketball Camp is an excellent opportunity for Socialization

Our basketball summer camp is an excellent venue for your child to make new friends. It is a team sport that encourages players to work and interact with others of similar ages and try to achieve a common goal.

Playing in basketball teams helps your child cultivate friendships that go beyond sports and last a lifetime.


Confidence Boost

Basketball is also a fantastic confidence booster, making it great for shy kids or those with low self-esteem. When kids learn new skills for a sport and perform well, it helps build their psyche and improves self-worth in invaluable ways that they will bring into adulthood.


Completing shots and getting assists are some simple ways basketball teaches young players that they are essential to a team and can compete with others.


Enroll now here to the Royal Basketball Summer Camp 2024



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