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Discover the Perfect Basketball Program for Your Child at Royal Basketball School
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Discover the Perfect Basketball Program for Your Child at Royal Basketball School

Are you on the lookout for an exceptional basketball program for your child aged 5 to 6 in the Sherman Oaks area? Look no further than the Royal Basketball School, where we offer an array of children's basketball leagues designed to nurture budding talent and instill a love for the game.

Our youth basketball programs are hosted at prominent facilities including De Toledo High School, J Los Angles (Westside JCC), Sinai Temple, and Valley Beth Shalom ensuring convenience and accessibility for young players and their families.

Beginning at Age 4: Building Strong Foundations We believe in starting early. Our basketball program welcomes children as young as 4 years old. At this stage, our focus is on introducing them to the basics of basketball, helping them develop an affinity for the ball and a grasp of the game's fundamental objectives. Using smaller balls tailored for tiny hands, these young players embark on their basketball journey, learning to shoot balls into the hoop and experiencing the pure joy of the sport.

Progressing Through the Ages: Tailored Learning at Every Stage As your child grows, our programs adapt to their evolving skills and capabilities:

  • For 5-year-olds: The emphasis remains on the fundamental skills, but now children start to explore teamwork. They learn how to dribble and continue refining their shooting techniques.

  • For 6-year-olds: Our focus shifts to developing hand-eye coordination. Although dribbling may still be a bit advanced at this age, children work on improving their motor skills and refining their basketball prowess.

  • Ages 7 to 10: These formative years introduce more advanced aspects of the game. Young players learn the rules, practice dribbling, and start to play as part of a team. The values of sportsmanship and teamwork are instilled as they grow.

  • Ages 11 and Up: With a solid foundation in place, our programs encourage more competitive play. Some participants attend basketball camps to enhance their skills and physical conditioning.

  • Ages 12 to 14: For children displaying exceptional skills and a keen interest in the sport, private basketball coaching becomes an option. This personalized approach helps them refine their existing abilities.

At the age of 13, children can further their basketball journey by participating in specialized basketball camps or clinics, preparing them for potential careers in the sport.

Unlocking Potential, On and Off the Court At Royal Basketball School, our mission extends beyond basketball skills. We aim to impart valuable life lessons through the sport. Our experienced coaches are dedicated to nurturing young talent, instilling a love for basketball, and helping children realize their full potential.

Join us on this remarkable basketball journey, where your child will not only develop athletic prowess but also acquire valuable life skills. For over a decade, we've been shaping young minds and empowering future stars. Discover the Royal Basketball School difference today.

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