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Royal Basketball Private Sessions will allow focus on the players performance, mindset, position, technique, tactic, and competition. You build a relationship with your coach as they get to know how you play and show you how to improve your basketball abilities.

Learn the rules of basketball and increase your speed, power, and endurance. Gain mental discipline, confidence, focus, and an improved attitude. Learn about your position on the court and practice with position-specific drills. Get technical and focus on ball handling, boxing out, rebounding, finishing skills, footwork, and shooting form. Learn how to read and handle situations like defense, fast breaks, 1-1, screens, etc. Put your newfound skills to the test with in-game situational play. By enrolling in private sessions you have the advantage of getting a 1-1 practice with a coach. Focus on your game and show an overall improvement in skill and sportsmanship. Register today!


Basketball school
Basketball school
Basketball school
Basketball school

Participation Options


Private 1x1 training with professional Royal basketball coaches. Does not include gym rental.

Discounted Opportunity:

4 Sessions- 65.00 each

8 Sessions- 60.00 each

70 / Session

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Semi-private up to 4 players to 1 coach ratio.

4 Sessions- 45.00 each

8 Sessions- 40.00 each

50 / Session

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