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Elite / School Day Training

Basketball is quickly becoming the most popular sport in the world. It is a fast-moving team sport that involves many specialized skills which include shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding, and defending. 

College basketball players currently on scholarship began their development at an early age. At the highest levels, scouts begin watching players in Middle School and are continually checking in with coaches throughout High School in order to watch the development of promising young players. There are thousands of High School athletes who are looking for an opportunity to play sports at the college level, which makes finding an athletic scholarship very difficult.

When it comes to the right age to begin playing basketball; we at Royal believe the younger the better. If a child has a natural talent and a passion for the sport, the ultimate goal is to at the very least reach the collegiate level. Reaching this level requires countless hours of training and a commitment from the family to bring that child to every practice, game, clinic they can attend. 

In a busy and hectic city like Los Angeles, it is getting more difficult to find a consistent schedule for kids.  It only gets worse if there are siblings involved. 

In Europe, specialized schools cover basketball as a subject for class credit, just as colleges do here in the United States. Royal Basketball has adopted that model with our own unique twist on it. We offer school-day training at the Valley School, a prestigious private K-8th school located in Van Nuys. The partnership between the Valley School and Royal gives children ages 4-13 opportunities to practice everyday from 10:00-11:00AM. 

Establishing and implementing high-quality basketball practices and performance training during school hours can provide student players with the appropriate knowledge, skills, behaviors, and confidence to be one of the best teams in weekend competitions. As a result, they will gain focused attention from the basketball community. 

The Royal Elite Basketball Program is designed to provide the best training during the week and AAU-level competitions on the weekend. National team and players’ rankings are based on performances at high-level tournaments, overall team success, players’ ability to impact games, and players’ long-term potential. 

Attending the Royal Elite/Valley Schools team practice during school hours will save time and give our student athletes an opportunity to have an evening “free”. If you decide to have an extra practice, attend your preferred club or play for your coach - you have the time! 

At Valley Schools, we know that there are as many definitions of winning as there are athletes; as the premium provider of “schoolday” or “daytime” sports performance training, we support each athlete in his/her quest for excellence. Our training is geared to meet the widest range of needs of our athletes, from those just starting out to those who seek to make their living as an athlete. 

We believe competence breeds confidence, and athletic performance improvement can be taught and mastered like any other skill.