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Basketball school


Founded in 2010, the Royal Basketball School began with a vision:  to create a year-round basketball program that allows kids of all skill levels to reach their full potential. Our Founder/Coach Igor Korolev recognized a need in youth basketball to refocus on basketball fundamentals. Royal Basketball with the co owners Igor Shaltanov and Yulia Koroleva continues to carry on the legacy of coach Igor, whose coaching philosophy has guided several of his students to play in the NBA, including teams like: Lakers, Clippers, Timberwolves, Trail Blazers, Jazz, Nets, Blazers, and Bulls.

Royal Basketball first opened to the public in 2010, on the way to the main goal, we have achieved great success. It all started in the city of West Hills 12 years ago with 1 location 2x a week, 30 players, 3 staff members to 2022 at total 544 active players, 40 staff members from all over the world Philippines, United States, Russia and India and multiple development projects that are on its way…


To provide opportunities for children of the next generation to stay active, healthy, and happy through the game of basketball.


Educating through physical activities.



Develop great athletes and greater people.



Respect each athlete, admire teamwork and lead with integrity.

Basketball school Basketball school Basketball school

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