Basketball School


The Royal Basketball Classes & Games teach you to become a highly skilled, team player. The session offers specialized instruction, emphasizing the fundamentals: dribbling, passing, shooting and rebounding. Join us as our coaches share their skills and secrets to becoming one of the best basketball players in your league. 

 The Royal Basketball School provides players a rewarding and fun experience. Head Coach Igor Korolev, former Euroleague champion and coach for various NBA players, will help you master difficult skills through step-by-step instruction. His son, Yaroslav Korolev, was trained by him from his young age. In the 2005 NBA Draft, Yaroslav Korolev was # 12 overall pick by The Los Angeles Clippers.

Player of the Month

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Participation Options

Once a Week

Practice Single: Age 3-5

1 - 45 Minute Class per week.


Practice Single: Age 6-15

1 - 60 Minute Class per week.


Twice a Week

Practice Double: Age 3-5

Includes 2 - 45 minute classes per week


Practice Double: Age 6-15

Includes 2 - 60 minute classes per week


Practice Single + League: Age 6-15

Includes 1 - 60 minute classes per week, and Sunday League games during the season.


Three+ a Week

Practice Triple+League Age 6-15

To practice three or more times per week please contact us directly using our contact form or just give us a call at 310.744.5403.


Development League

Division: Age 4-5

RBS D-League is year round and consists of 4-seasons (Fall-Winter-Spring-Summer).




Private 1x1 training with professional Royal basketball coaches. Does not include gym rental.

Discounted Opportunity: 

4 Sessions- $55.00 each

8 Sessions- $50.00 each  




Semi-private up to 4 players to 1 coach ratio.

4 Sessions- $35.00

8 Sessions- $30.00 


Tournament Fee

Tournament Fee

Royal Select and Royal Elite teams participation at competitive year-round tournaments. 



San Fernando Valley

West Los Angeles

North Hollywood


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